Hostgator Coupon Codes 2015 – January promo Update

Hostgator 2015 Coupon Codes

Here to find the latest and working “Hostgator Coupon”. Check out the coupons listed below to get the maximum possible discount available on Hostgator hosting. So, go ahead, use these coupons at the checkout and save big. December 2014 and January 2015 Update

Promo code Description


This Hostgator coupon will give you 30% OFF Longer hosting period means higher savings



Gets you baby and hatching plan for just 1 cent for first month. $10 off on all other plans.

If you are buying Hostgator hosting for more than 3 months, use coupon SUPERHG30OFF as it will save you the most money. 30% of your entire bill is a huge reduction in price.

If you are buying for short term (1-2 months), use coupon 1FREEHGMONTH, as it will allow you one month hosting for almost free ($ 0.01). Yes no more than a penny for a full months web hosting.

How to use Hostgator coupon:

1. Visit and click on view hosting plans.

2. Enter the coupon code SUPERHG30OFF or 1FREEHGMONTH according to your choice of plan.

3. Great! you just saved yourself some dollars.

Why Choose Hostgator?

Hostgator PromoThe world’s business strategy has evolved into, an all new dimension now. The conventional business strategies have all been replaced with the latest and sophisticated marketing strategies. One of them is using the internet. Today, regardless of the scale, a website is a prerequisite. This explains the power of internet marketing. Online business is proving to be more successfull.

The best way of adopting an internet marketing strategy is via websites. There are plenty of opportunities whereby the customer gets to see, read, and understand your core business. To get most out of your website, your site must be hosted on a reliable web hosting server. How do you decide which web hosting service provider to choose?

This largely depends on what kind of web hosting services that you are looking for. Is it a simple web page? Or is it a website with FTP and other basic facilities? Or you want to go for a full fledged website with facilities like online shopping, creating carts etc.? The best service provider is HostGator. It’s in 2013, when the studies revealed that HostGator is accommodating over 8 million website domains. HostGator is renowned for their cost effective service, yet, highly efficient services. This is the reason why today there are much more than 8 Million happy customers with HostGator. Use our Hostgator coupons to get a even greater discount on the already inexpensive web hosting. HostGator is one of the best service providers

When you start a website for your business the basic thing that you expect is the speed, and the ability to interact with the customer through mails or chatting interface. HostGator provides unlimited Email facilities. This comes along with the HDD space, which is unlimited, File Transfer Facility that is unlimited. Meaning to say that you can exchange any number of files with the customers and you are not charged for that.

For upcoming or well-established web-sites, you may need to have extra storage to save your customer’s login, purchase details, etc. HostGator website service provides the user with an unlimited database facility. Therefore, this would let you use a huge amount of memory, which is not charged for at all. Furthermore there is no extra charge on using multiple databases as well. Therefore, you can offer more products to your customers and create numerous databases to track the data of each customer.

This is completely low cost so you make more profits and revenue as well. The unlimited network bandwidth will increase your efficiency and reduces the cost. Today, due to competition and the profitability website hosting providers are charging almost $3 for an extended HDD space, whereas, HostGator provides you with an unlimited HDD Space. This is the advantage of being with someone like HostGator.

So there you have it, Hostgator Coupon Codes save you cash while giving you the best hosting service money can buy. Go On register or transfer your domain with Hostgator for superior service and backup.